How is a day in the life of a Blogger to be like? Work from Home

A lot of my friends are full-time Bloggers, Vloggers or freelance developers who mostly work from home. Today, I thought I would share with you guys my work from home routine, so let’s go ahead and get started I think one of the best things about working from home and working for myself is that I’m able to make all the meals that I want to eat I remember when I used to work full time for one single company I would seriously just rush out the door in the morning skip breakfast grab a terrible lunch and it just wasn’t fun so today I’m making oatmeal and me make this almost every day. So I like to wake up pretty early I remember when I first transitioned for working for myself I would wake up at like 8 or 9 and go to bed super late. So now I make sure to start my days off at least 7 a.m. and I have to eat right away because I am my third trimester so I still get nauseous if I don’t eat all the time it’s so annoying but basically I wake up to sit on my couch and answer some emails but I don’t do that for long because I will seriously sit there for hours on my computer and not get anything really done as far as content creation.
And then I have to do for that day I like to answer emails again and then I either schedule conference calls this time around lunch
and I take those about a few times a week and then after that I go straight on to lunch after I’ve worked for a few hours of course and the reason I have so much food is that I like to prepare organized lunches at least a day or two in advance because it just makes it easier.
I work all day and into the night and seriously the thing about working for yourself is the more work you do the more money that you can get paid and just the more opportunities that come your way so it’s really tempting for me to work until 9:00 or 10:00 or even midnight sometimes because I love what I do and obviously you can make more money the more hours you work. But I try and switch off around 5:00 or 6:00 that seriously rarely happens. Then I like to tidy up the house before Doug comes home just because it makes me feel better and I like to work in a clean environment so I’m just doing some laundry and then after that, I like to just tidy up the kitchen and wherever we have made a mess the day before and start on dinners so like I said I don’t have a lot of energy to be saved for the editing and development works during the night.

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