Remote Job and Mental Health problems

I think there’s a really big link between people’s ability to work effectively and working and where they work so somebody who’s comfortable in their own company may enjoy working alone but there are certainly times where we all need a little bit more than that. And in our lives, so we’re all human beings we all need social interaction at the end of the day so I think getting out the house and being around other people that work within a similar industry or even just like-minded in what they do it has a positive impact in the way that you feel in the way that you work and if you feel good and you feel a part of something you generally work better than what you do. So I think remote working can work for a lot of people but flexibility in that working is the key part of making that work for the individual.
So the days where they want to work at home on the kitchen table is great what having the ability to go somewhere else and being with other people is the key to success to making that work for the person massively important. And for us in with the people that we work with although we’re not working within the same company understanding how someone feels in a day is just absolute to work. And well together within the space that we all work everybody has different things going on different pressures the fact that
everybody’s working on their own projects. The landscape is different for every individual in every day so for us, it’s really integral to understand what people need in a day whether it’s just a little chat over a coffee or how are you doing or if you can understand the person that actually they just want to be left alone then I think it plays a big part of working well together. And whether you’re a line manager or a colleague if you can understand somebody’s needs then it goes a long way to have an effective and cohesive work environment. I think a lot of people find it challenging to talk about mental health and I think will find it difficult if it’s something that maybe doesn’t understand and it’s so personal and different for every single individual where there’s you’ve suffered personally or been rounds around somebody who you’ve had poor mental health at different times.
And I think a lot of people just don’t understand it and the scare and we’re all scared of things we don’t understand and it’s it is
challenging but I think the more people do talk about it more people open up then it can only become easier and better for it for everybody I think there’s a huge benefit and the more people talk about their experiences and share their what how things that have mental health or poor mental health has affected them maybe for people who who haven’t been through that the more they hear the more you can talk about it the better understanding everybody can have.

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