Want to be more productive? Avoid these 5 common work from home mistakes

The grass is always greener on the other side… until you reach that side. Admit it or not, we all envied those who had the liberty of working from home and wanted to make this a career choice. So, here we are. Due to COVID 19 pandemic, most of us are confined into the boundaries of our homes and remote working is no more than a choice, but a necessity. Now that we are confined to our home, chances of slowly drifting into a much relaxed, no rush regime are extremely high.

Are you also struggling to find that perfect balance between work and home? Are you also wasting most of your time on social media? Are you also unable to meet deadlines? Don’t worry! You are not alone. Most of the office-workers are struggling and looking for ways to be more productive.

Here are five common mistakes that you should never make when working from home:

1. Wrong Attire

While the thought of working in your pajamas might sound nice, it is a big no-no! According to a study, the performance of employees increases when they wear professional attire as it put their mind in “work mode”. The formal attire does not mean that you need to wear a tie or a blazer, but your clothing should be presentable. So, next time you, before you begin your work, make sure you are dressed up!

2. Working from bed or couch

You can’t be productive if you are working from your “Relaxation Zone”. Having a proper and designated workspace that resembles your office setup can make a huge difference. It not only improves your focus but is important for your health too. Working from bed or couch leads to bad posture and it won’t take much time for your back or neck to begin to hurt. Thus, having a proper workspace is something I cannot stress enough.

3. Improper Breaks

As it is said, “Too much or too little of everything is always disastrous”. Working for long without a proper break or taking frequent breaks – both are equally undesirable. Scheduling your breaks well in advance is a way out. Avoid sitting for too long at the same place in the same position whereas you also need to avoid taking frequent or long breaks. Follow a proper and organized routine that you always plan but never implement.

4. Procrastinating

“Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ab; Pal Mein Pralaya Hoyegi, Assignment Pura Hoga Kab!”

You might be thinking that you have a lot of time to complete your task. Stop! Rethink! That time left will be gone even before you realize it. Start treating each day as you would if you are at your office. Stop putting off your pending chores until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes! STOP  procrastinating NOW.

5. Too much Social Media

So, how many times do you check your WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media app in a day? You might feel the absence of your boss as a blessing, but it also makes you less productive. They are not there to review your day-to-day work and the lack of firewalls at home makes you more vulnerable to distractions while working online. Solution? You; yes, you as an employee needs to be disciplined and accountable towards your duties. Stay in touch with your colleagues and keep making your presence felt.


And most importantly, count your blessings! The opportunity to work from home is a great privilege, especially during this global pandemic. Learn new skills, spend time with your family, and become a pro time manager by staying disciplined!

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  1. Shloka

    This is so helpful…thank you so much for such amazing tips…😁


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