Work From Home Marketing Internships for High School and College Students

If you are a marketing students studying in high school or college and want to gain real work experience in marketing and sales department in a company, then you need to find some online work from home marketing internships for high school and college students. This is because of internships are the best way to learn about the practical of marketing and sales concepts.

In work from home fashions, most of the companies are hiring marketing interns from business schools or from college students with marketing and sales majors who can do online work from home jobs. 

On this post, you will get some paid online virtual work from home internships for marketing students jobs in online marketing such as digital marketing or social media marketing. You need to apply these paid internships jobs and build your network among marketers and learn basic sales and promotional skills.

Work From Home Online Marketing Internships for Students

Find the best Internships to work with tech giants such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and the internships involve data analytical skills mostly.
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Types of Work From Home Internships for Marketing Students

In your business school, you studied that what is  marketing in business? Marketing is all about the actions required in promoting and selling products or services of companies using market research and advertising etc. Some companies have marketing and sales departments whereas some companies give contract to marketing companies. These companies use offline and online or digital marketing or social media marketing etc.

The professionals working in marketing and sales departments are grabbing the attentions of their target potential audiences  through influencers endorsements, catchy and memorable advertising  and they also uses the concepts of digital marketing. 

So, depending upon the interests, a marketing studies majors experts can do work in marketing internships or jobs in companies.

There are following career in marketing internships or jobs:

1. Inbound Marketing Internships

2. Outbound Marketing Internships

3. Social Media Marketing Internships 

4. Email Marketing Internships

5. Brand Marketing Internships

6. Advertising Marketing Internships

7. Content Marketing Internships

8. Direct Marketing Internships

9. E-Commerce Internships

10. Marketing Research Analyst Internships

How to Find Best Companies to Intern for Marketing

You understand that why you need to do online work from home internships for marketing students and what the fields are where you can get the online jobs. 

Now, you may have doubts that where you can find such types of paid work from home marketing internships for high schools students or college students. 

To find online marketing internships, you need to search on jobs portal websites such as Indeed,, LinkedIn etc. 

First of all, you need to create an account on these multiple sites and search your jobs relevant to your skills and interests by typing the phrase “digital marketing internships” or “social media marketing internships” etc. 

Since these websites have large number of database, it may take some time to find a online work from home internships. So before applying to any job application, first you need to contact their hiring manager through LinkedIn profile. 

But, you don’t worry. You can also find such types of online work through this website. The application link is given below. You can find them and apply the online jobs.

Apply Work From Home Online Marketing Internships for Students

Work upto 4 hours a day

The maximum time that you can work a day is 4 hours a day.

Get $3-15 per hour

The pay is depending on your nationality between $3-15

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