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Job Overview

  • Rate / hour $6.81-19

What is a Maps quality analyst job?

Have you ever wondered how do the online maps and navigation systems bring you the best experience for your queries and searches? There are thousands of Maps quality analysts working remotely from home on improving the quality of the searches in online Maps. Those raters will be given real search queries that were issued by different users around the globe, they rate those queries for the accuracy, precision of the results, and whether the user needs are met from the results that were returned to the user.

The basic idea of this Maps quality rating job is to train the AI(Artificial Intelligence) and tell the maps quality algorithms where to improve and hence those algorithms keep on improving from the inputs given by thousands of evaluators and raters globally.

How does the Maps quality job look like?

The project is totally online working from the home job and you need a computer or a laptop to be able to do this maps quality rating job. The rating or the job screen looks like the image below. The queries and the results will be shown and each query will have multiple results, and your job is to evaluate the address accuracy, pin accuracy, name accuracy of the results and the job is super interesting if you love to explore different places and know more about different geographical areas. And moreover, you will be working for improving the major navigation apps such as Google Maps, Bing Maps or Apple Maps.


Working hours and Payment for Maps quality job

The working hours for this online job is very much balancing and relaxing and you can invoice a maximum of 20 hours of production a week. The payment is $6.81 per hour for Indian raters and for other nationals, the payment varies and is up to $19 per hour.

NB: Most important thing in getting selected for Maps quality evaluator qualification examination is your resume, make sure you have included all your tech skills and interests and experiences on your resume.

How to apply for a Maps quality evaluator job?

Step 1: Click here to apply online for the job with your resume having relevant keywords like maps evaluator, search evaluator, rater in hobbies or skills, or experiences.

Step 2: Once your account is fully activated, goto all projects and click on qualify for the Maps quality analyst project.

Step 3: You will be notified of mail about the invitation for the qualification examination for maps quality evaluator.

Step 4: You will receive the guidelines and preparation materials for the examination and you can start the exam once you have understood the concepts well.

Step 5: Complete the examination successfully and then start working online.


Maps quality analyst examination Answers

Since this is a very reliable online work from home, many people are searching online for the answers to this Maps quality examination. But I will suggest you to never seek anyone’s help for the answers of the examination as these companies are very strict about the data and privacy. There is no meaning in passing the maps quality examination with anyone’s help because these companies will terminate the contract with you if they found that your production quality is below average. So I would advise you to never seek online help for this examination and learn the concepts in guidelines your own and take the examination. Believe me, it’s very interesting if you’re a person who loves to explore the world and extend your knowledge about the world geographies.

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