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Appen is the world's most trusted remote job company which hires employees on contract around the globe. The work roles are rating social media news feeds, ads, Maps quality, search engine quality and the whole purpose of your job is training the data set for machine learning algorithms of huge companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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Scotrail jobs, Apply now for open vacancies 2020

Scotrail Jobs, Apply now for the open vacancies for Scotland Railways Jobs Discover the open positions in Scotrail jobs and apply now for different opportunities at Scotland railways to get shortlisted for the interview. Station Grade A – Customer Service and Train Dispatch role at Scotrail jobs There’s never been a more exciting time to hitch the railway. We’re hunting

Revolutionize your Work from Home with these Must-Have Apps

While rolling out of your bed and working in your pyjamas may sound attractive, working in a traditional fully equipped office does have its benefits. Working remotely can be tricky, but fortunately, technology has got your back. From notetaking to keeping in touch, here is the list of some of the best tech tools to facilitate your work from home.

Want to be more productive? Avoid these 5 common work from home mistakes

The grass is always greener on the other side… until you reach that side. Admit it or not, we all envied those who had the liberty of working from home and wanted to make this a career choice. So, here we are. Due to COVID 19 pandemic, most of us are confined into the boundaries of our homes and remote

Inequality of Online classes make Digital divide in Education?

I was told by fellow batchmates that we should boycott online classes, let me be honest with you, our problem is inequality, not online learning. The best that a university can do to their students in such a situation is to provide students with resources online exactly like a government is committed to delivering food stamps to those in need.

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