Revolutionize your Work from Home with these Must-Have Apps

While rolling out of your bed and working in your pyjamas may sound attractive, working in a traditional fully equipped office does have its benefits. Working remotely can be tricky, but fortunately, technology has got your back. From notetaking to keeping in touch, here is the list of some of the best tech tools to facilitate your work from home.


For face-to-face conversations, traditional video calling apps like Skype or Google Duo, may not be convenient enough for business settings.  Try using the Zoom app! Zoom is an answer to all your business requirements. It is a free service as long as your meeting lasts for 40 minutes. With chatting, whiteboard, and screen sharing features, Zoom is a great communication tool for organizing meetings.



This famous messaging platform is specially designed for teams to make remote working cakewalk. With the motto of bringing the team together, Slack allows communicating via direct message, in custom group chats, and in channels dedicated to certain projects, making it an ideal communication tool for remote workers.



Do you spend more time on one task than another or struggle with time management? If yes, then Toggl is perfect for you. This simple (yet powerful) time tracker helps you learn how much your time is worth. It also provides you with detailed reports on how much time you spend on a particular task.



Automation is the most important tool for maximizing productivity and Zapier is one of the simplest automation technology that will save endless amounts of time on repetitive tasks. By creating “zaps”, Zapier moves info between the web apps automatically, so the user can focus on other important tasks.



Capture, organize, plan, and prioritize. With Todoist, enter the task once and use the app as your organizer hub for life. Along with pairing it with other apps, you can record deadlines with reminders, set due dates, collaborate by assigning tasks to co-workers, and track your progress easily and effectively with this amazing to-do list app.


These tools will surely add to your work life and help you develop healthy working habits. But remember, it comes down to your productivity and determination. So, stay productive and stay healthy!

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